2017 Goals!

So what’s your New Years Resolution? I was asked this question at least 5 times on New Years Eve and in all my 5 answers

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On a Positive Note…

Ok, enough with all this negativity.. sheesh! Now that November is over, I’m hoping all my drama is too.. Alot of emotion was shared over

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Yes, it’s traumatic…

Once Pulmonary Hypertension was brought to my attention, it’s been nothing but a life altering path I did not choose, but was forced to take.

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Uber and SA -Guide Dog Association have partnered up to bring a little Joy to homes and offices around Johannesburg this Friday! Check out the

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Rant about Beggars..

There isn’t a street corner or robot that doesn’t have someone standing in it. It’s sad to think that there is so many people that

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Looking back at 2015

What a year its been.. A mix of emotions arise thinking back. A year that I’m quite happy to say goodbye to and welcome 2016

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

I am totally and utterly obsessed with the the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8! Its cute and colourful- two words that make me say:” Ok Sold!”

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