A fresh twist on interdental cleaning

GUM Twisted Floss

The dreaded question we all get asked at the dentist appointments,

“Do you floss? “

And guaranteed, we all sheepishly answer,

” Yes, of course Doc!” 


If I’m being honest, my younger days never ever consisted of flossing my teeth. I cringe at the thought of it now. Adulthood really opens your eyes, or mouth rather, to the importance of flossing!

A fresh twist on interdental cleaning. GUM Twisted Floss is made with two strands of shred-resistant floss twisted together to provide 30% more flossing surface than single-strand floss, giving a superb clean. It’s waxed to glide smoothly in the tightest of interdental spaces, removing plaque and food debris, and leaving you with the fresh, clean sensation of minty green tea.

Twisted Floss

What makes GUM Twisted Floss special?

  • 30% more flossing surface than single strand floss
  • Removes more plaque than traditional floss
  • Smooth and waxed, glides easily in the tightest of interdental spaces
  • Refreshing minty green tea taste
  • Gentle on the gums
A Fresh twist on interdental cleaning

Easy steps for a healthy mouth!

The foundation of any teeth cleaning plan rests on effective brushing. Did you know that many people don’t take enough time to clean their teeth thoroughly? Experts say that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least two minutes each time.

Floss with GUM
Recent studies recommend flossing before brushing at least once per day.  It’s extra essential to floss if you wear braces as it can be challenging to keep the spaces between your teeth clean. (Have you ever smelt your dental floss after flossing? It’s HORRIBLE!)

Consider adding a mild mouthwash to your daily cleaning routine. Remember that swishing with a mouth rinse doesn’t replace the need to floss.

Don’t forget to see your dentist for a check-up every six months. Checking in with your dentist twice a year is a smart way to take care of small dental issues before they turn into painful problems.  Take the fresh breath test here.

The Little Guru- Twisted floss

Reasons to try the new gum twisted floss

  • It’s new, and it’s the first and only twisted floss in South Africa.
  • Tight gaps between your teeth. Because it’s waxed and thin, it glides smoothly between the teeth, even in the tightest of gaps.
  • The refreshing minty green tea sensation.


GUM Twisted Floss is available from Dis-Chem, selected dentists and pharmacies for a recommended retail price of R93 (including VAT).

For product details go here 


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