So if you have been following my instagram page, you have seen that I have been flooding your screens with our travel adventures through Italy, Greece and Monetnegro- Sorry, not sorry..

I could not wait to share my adventures and findings with you guys when you, yourself go and visit these beautiful countries! Our first stop of our travel adventure and where we got onto our MSC Cruise Ship was Venice.

Ah, the city of Venice, one of my favourite places we visited and hope to one day be back there to discover more if it’s beauty! Walking through the linking bridges and cobbled passages getting lost in a world of old beauty.

Here is My-Go-To Guide for Venice:

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What to Expect in Venice:

Language: Venetian, a Romance language spoken by about 2 million people mainly in Venice and the surrounding areas. The language is more closely related to French and Spanish than it is to Italian.

Currency: Venice uses Euro only, be sure to bring your notes.

Credit Cards & Banks: There is a few ATM’s here and there but they are quite hard to find. Most hotels have express ATM in the hotel itself. If you still having trouble then the Venezia Santa Lucia Train Station is you go  to place.

Climate: We traveled to Venice in April-May and is said to be the best time of year as the festivities have setteled and most tourists have gone. As for weather, you can expect some rain but lucky for us we had a heat wave that was taking over the city so the weather was splendid! Be sure to pack a light jersey as the nights do get chilly, even with the heat wave!

IMG 20180422 090806
Venice views from our room!
IMG 20180421 195941 1
Capturing canal moments!

Getting Around:

Walk it: We were in Venice for 2 days before our big cruise so we wanted to make most of our time. Day 1 we walked and walked and walked. It was marvellous because that’s were you get lost and find beautiful cathedrals, bridges and really good food. So I say, if you can walk those pathways and see Venice on foot- PS. wear comfortable shoes, those cobble stoned paths become extremely harsh on your feet after a couple of hours!

Hop on Hop Off City Sightseeing: If you are not so keen on tracking through Venice then I highly reccomend getting a ticket and cruising through Venice by boat. It’s the best way to see the city and it’s biggest attractions and you get there quick! Check out more info here.

IMG 20180421 103302 6
San Marco Square Canals
IMG 20180421 175043 4
Hello Venice

Where to Stay:

We stayed at the lovely Grand Canal Bed and Breakfast. True Venetian styled rooms takes you back in time, giving you authentic Venetian experience. It was so beautiful and at a great rate too! Check out availability and rates here.

IMG 20180422 112154
Hotel Canal- Venice
IMG 20180420 151104
Our Venetian Room

Where to Eat: 

There is little vendors everywhere! Keep to the local places as the food will be cheaper. One place you must try is Osteria Al Ponte “LA Patatina”– It is super authentic and quite a hidden restaurant but it is amazing! It is tiny, where is the tables are right next to each other so if you have a thing for personal space, then I suggest you suck it up cause you cannot miss this place!

Another gem we found was local hotspot on Lido Beach called Rizzo’s .We ate pizza and ordered cokes at the Cafe that cost us 6 Euros for us both. Not too shabby huh? Keep your eyes peeled and dont be shy to ask around. The locals are great!

PS: Be sure to try the Gelato’s – It’s a requirement when in venice because they are to die for!!!

IMG 20180421 204928
Tomatoe and Basil Pasta
IMG 20180421 203506
Osteria Al Ponte “LA Patatina”
IMG 20180420 162501
IMG 20180420 162343
The start of my Gelato adiction!

Venice by Night:

Be sure to experience Venice by night- The place comes alive with local musicians playing guitar or local artists creating gorgeous canvases of Venice. It’s a whole different atmosphere and people are buzzing! Sit down at a cafe, enjoy some amazing pasta and take in your surroundings- it’s magical!

IMG 20180421 215201
Venice by Night
IMG 20180421 214648
Church in Venice

Venice was absolutely stunning and so glad that we got to spend some time there before we sailed.  Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into Venice and it’s beauty. Next up I’ll be sharing our Cruise through Italy, Greece and Montenegro. Places that took me completely by suprise and made me see beauty in the most unusual places!

Ciao for now!


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