There is no hiding that I have become utterly obsessed with all things skincare. I am always reading up and looking for new products to try and share my experiences with my readers. My obsession comes with fine lines and wrinkles that I have noticed. Along with a bit of pigmentation and broken vessels on my cheeks (due to chronic medication) which drives me nuts! I have grown quite self-conscious and really do envy those gals with flawless skin. Regardless of my petty woes, I am excited to share a new product that I have been testing out for the past few weeks! It’s local, the packaging is gorgeous and it’s pretty well priced- Introducing Aloe Unique Skincare

Aloe Unique Range in Review

Aloe Unique brings you a range of skin care treatments containing the powerful active ingredients of the Aloe Ferox plant. Containing almost twice as many amino acids as Aloe Vera, Aloe Ferox is ideal for skin care as it has been scientifically proven to penetrate the skin to the deepest layer. The Aloe Ferox plant is rich in amino acids, with the powerful agent Aloin, as well as polysaccharides and other plant metabolites so it contributes to a soft and smooth skin that is hydrated, nourished and rejuvenated.

I had purchased the combo skin set as there was a few products I wanted to try out and they were having a really great special. The Skin Set included a Gentle Face Wash (150ml), Clarifying Facial Toner (150ml), Aloe & Honey Gel Mask (75ml), Age Defying Serum (30ml), Essential Day Cream (50ml), Essential Night Cream (50ml).

Let’s get this Aloe Unique Review started..

Aloe & Honey Gel Mask (Retails for R119)

Aloe Unique- Mask

There is nothing better than smoothing a gel mask on your face after a long day and man, this mask has to be my favourite out of the skin set. Let’s be real though, who doesn’t love a good mask?

The soothing gel mask instantly energizes and smooths dull, tired skin. With a super-hydrating blend of anti-oxidants, this Aloe Ferox-based formula reboots and replenishes healthy function in fatigued skin, improving texture and creating a more radiant, youthful appearance. This mask can also be used on all skin types. It’s really great for sensitive skin gals too! If there’s one product you need to try from the Aloe Unique skin care line, it’s this one!

Gentle Facial Wash (Retails for R99)

Aloe Unique- Facial Wash

I don’t generally do ‘Gel’  face washes as they are quite harsh on my skin and dry’s it out completely. I was pleasantly surprised though by how gentle this facewash actually is! The clear, light liquid foaming wash is packed with Vitamin E and hydrating glycerin, which also has Aloe Ferox-based formula that removes pollutants without over-drying or depleting skin’s protective oils. It really does leave your skin calmed, clarified and radiant.

Clarifying Facial Toner (Retails for R99)

Aloe Unique- Facial Toner

This is a tricky one for me as I have a love/hate relationship with this toner. On the first try, I spritz (LOVE that it’s a Spritz on product) some on a cotton pad and wiped it on one half of my face. It left my skin burning on the apples of my cheeks which I immediately washed off with water. I decided to let me skin ease into the products and gave the toner another try a few days later. After I had double cleansed my face that evening, I opted to try the toner again and to my relief, it soothed and nourished my skin instead of burning it.

I do think it’s a great product though with amazing properties like powerful anti-oxidants, Witch Hazel and anti-irritant Allantoin hydrates.

Age Defying Serum (Retails for R299)

Aloe Unique- SerumA do-it-all serum that is VERY well priced and that ticks most skin concerns.

The serum focuses on hyperpigmentation & ageing, so it’s a reall goodie. It contains a potent concentration of antioxidants (Vitamins A & C), high levels of Aloe Ferox leaf extract and borage oil. It works to prevent and reverse the appearance of wrinkles, lines and hyperpigmentation. It’s light weight formula is perfect with a refresher texture that absorbs quickly. I use it in the evenings, before I apply my night moisturiser which I absolutely love.

Essential Day Cream (Retails for R119) & Essential Night Cream (Retails for R134)

Aloe Unique Day & Night Cream

Ultra-light, non-greasy moisturiser that hydrates the skin. This sentence really sums up what the day and night moisturiser is all about. Loaded with Vitamins E and C and Glycerin, it’s  packed with skin loving ingredients . This non-greasy Aloe Ferox-based formula locks in moisture for lasting hydration and helps fight damaging free radicals.

You will honestly wake up to firm, rested and radiant skin. Initially, I thought that it would leave my skin greasy as the formula is quite thick. To my surprise, it didnt! My skin soaked it up and left it feeling soft and supple. This product is a real budget beauty!

If you are a lover of Aloe Vera and are keen try these stunning local products, learn more about the Aloe Unique  range here.

I will be taking these fab products along with me on our roadtrip to Kosi Bay! Be sure to follow my insta stories for some on-the-go skincare tips!

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