Avène Hydrance
Boost Serum

Avene Boost Serum

Introducing Avène Hydrance Boost Serum & Range. Created 13 years ago, the Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance range has become the essential reference in terms of hydration. Leader in pharmacies* , it has conquered the dehydrated skin segment and has been able to evolve over time, to satisfy women’s desires still further. With over 10,000 hashtags on Instagram, it’s a very popular line women can’t get enough of. Hydrance care gorges skin with hydrating active ingredients, leaving it both fresh and more radiant.

So what’s the secret of its success? Rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water, Hydrance is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Its wide range of sensory textures appeal to all skin types. Gel-cream, cream, emulsion, serum… for every need and desire, there’s an appropriate Hydrance solution.


Why we love it

Avène Hydrance Boost Serum has become a staple in my skincare routine, and for good reason. This serum delivers a surge of hydration that transforms my skin from dull to radiant. The inclusion of Avène Thermal Spring Water adds a soothing touch, making it perfect for my sensitive skin.

What sets this serum apart is its lightweight consistency. It effortlessly glides onto the skin, absorbing quickly without any greasy residue. I appreciate that it doesn’t clog pores, making it an ideal choice for those with combination or oily skin.

The Avène Hydrance Boost Serum has become my go-to solution for combating dryness, leaving my skin feeling plump, supple, and revitalized.

Avène Hydrance Boost Serum has earned its spot as a reliable hydrating powerhouse in my collection. It’s a game-changer for anyone seeking an effective, non-greasy, and soothing solution to achieve that coveted healthy glow.

Avene Hydrance Boost Serum




I think other than it’s hydration benefits of the Avène Hdrance Boost Serum (and it’s super to use on very sensitive skin), it noticeably smooths fine lines, which thanks to dehydration aren’t that pretty to look that.

While it does contain fragrance in the formulation (many products for sensitive skins don’t), it’s paraben free and I find it to be very gentle and non-reactive on my skin.. 

The Little Guru Avene Hydrance Serum

all the good stuff

Avène Hydrance Boost Serum is an intense hydrating serum enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Vitamin B3. A real hydration boost for the face, this serum hydrates the skin up to 48 hours and restores balance to dehydrated, sensitive skin, leaving is brighter, whilst strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier. Its gentle formula is made of 96% natural origin ingredients, for a fresh, non-greasy, non-sticky, ultra-light translucent gel-water texture. Its delicate, silky featherweight texture, inspired by Asian beauty rituals, provides deep hydration without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. This ultra-sensory care product comes in a glass dropper bottle with a pipette that delivers just the right amount of product to rehydrate and strengthen the skin instantly and over time. Hydrance Boost, 30 ml, R399.00

Does a long- lasting hydrator sound good to you? If yes, then Avène is a great start to getting your skin feeling hydrated and plump. 

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