The shutdown hasnt been easy. Sitting on level 4 in South Africa, we’re still getting used to spending so much time at home with our families, and many, working from home during extended lockdown.

My hands have been itching to upgrade our multifunctional room to create the ideal working space during this time. I came across the incredible Kim Williams, an interior creative and human behavioural specialist, that gives tips and tricks on great design and that it is more than just simple aesthetics.

Beautiful, functional, clean spaces have a profoundly positive impact on our psychological wellbeing. In a time where our mental health may be taking strain, Kim’s insights on how you can get your home workspace right during lockdown is invaluable.

Who is Kim Williams?

An entrepreneur and well-respected local interior creative based in Cape Town, Kim Williams, working across décor, design and interior architecture. Kim’s first-hand experience of the importance of well-functioning, energising interiors became the cornerstone of her own blueprint called the Pure Design Innovation ID. It involves a process of extracting what people want and need from their interior spaces. Kim developed this Blueprint to guarantee a focus on the client – what they want – and matching this with their unique personal style.

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Three Elements Kim Recommends We Consider:

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Get Your Home Workspace Right during Lockdown with Kim’s top tips!

Kim’s Practical Top 10 Tips for a Productive and Functional Home-Office Space: 

Energy, flow and function have long been at the core of excellent interior design. The Lockdown presents us with a fantastic opportunity to embrace the fluidity and flexibility that  simple and elegant design can bring to our home spaces.

This lockdown is a chance for us to connect more deeply with ourselves and our needs as professionals. A chance for us to be more conscious of how we set up our workspaces to have a positive effect on our productivity and psychological wellbeing.

Follow Kim for some insane interior inspiration an: @kim_williams_design

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