Letibalm 'Nose' Best!

In true South African style:  How HECTIC is this year’s flu? Seems like everyone I chat to feels like they’re either getting it, currently tackling it or, the lucky few, is just getting over it. 

It defiantly hit me last week, swine flu to be exact. While my nose has been pouring like a tap, I got a chance to whip out something that lives in my li’l medical supply box and has served me well through multiple flus and that’s Letibalm so I was very glad to receive more of it earlier this week. After all,  Letibalm ‘nose’ best!

Letibalm 'Nose' Best!
Letibalm 'Nose' Best!

Specially formulated to help soothe dry, chapped skin irritated by constant nose blowing, Letibalm contains natural hydrators and soothers (think lanolin, Shea butter, witch hazel) as well as decongestants like camphor. As the number #1 lip balm in Spain and Portugal, I totally understand why it is rated #1 and how much I’d come to value it. It really does feel incredibly soothing. It’s definitely earned it’s place as a staple in my purse as well as my medical kit.

Expert Advice

Here’s expert advice from dermatologist Dr Lauren Knight on how to protect the skin, especially around the delicate nose and lips.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases says influenza season typically starts in early June. This is a time of year that can wreak havoc on your family’s skin, especially around the nose and lips, when cold weather and seasonal illnesses can quickly lead to redness and inflammation.

We asked dermatologist Dr Lauren Knight, also known as Derm Discovered, for expert advice on how to protect this delicate area.

According to Dr Knight, colder temperatures and low humidity leave the skin feeling dry and less supple. The skin around the mouth and nose is thinner, which makes it less resilient and more vulnerable to damage. Excessive nose blowing – from ‘flu, colds or allergies – will make matters worse. And while it’s not serious, a chapped nose can be uncomfortable and could potentially become infected. It also takes longer to heal if not cared for correctly.

Dr Knight shared five tips from to help prevent the winter ‘nose woes’ and look after your nose and lips whenever colds, ‘flu or allergies strike.

1. Avoid touching the face and only wipe the nose when necessary. If a child is kept occupied, they will be less likely to fiddle. Keep fingernails short, just in case.
2. Wash hands regularly to prevent spreading germs. Also wash before and after wiping your child’s nose.
3. Use soft, unscented tissues, only wiping or blowing when you must.
4. Repair and restore the skin with a hydrating moisturiser or barrier cream. Letibalm Nose & Lip Repair is South Africa’s only balm for nose and lips. Available as a balm, fluid and suitable for babies, children and adults, it helps soothe inflammation and forms a protective layer to prevent further chapping.
5. Dry mucous (aka bogeys) can be irritating and may encourage a child to pick. Keeping well hydrated – inside and out – helps to thin and moisten mucous. Drink plenty of fluids and use a humidifier or steam as needed.


Letibalm Nose Best

Letibalm, South Africa’s only nose and lip balm, contains active ingredients to nourish, protect and soothe. It helps soothe skin irritated by colds, ‘flu and allergies. Suitable for the whole family, Letibalm Paediatric can be used from birth.

Available at Dis-Chem, selected Checkers, pharmacies, and selected retailers for R107 (10ml tube or jar). 

After all Letibalm ‘Nose’ Best!

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