Little Brush, BIG Difference

Size doesn’t matter, impact does. This September, National Oral Health Month, learn how a little brush can make a big difference to your oral health.

GUM Brushes

An effective daily oral care routine is the cornerstone of optimal oral health. Brushing alone is not enough, you also need to clean where plaque and food particles love to hide – between the teeth. It’s time to embrace interdental brushes, or mini pipe cleaners, as I like to call them. These nifty, easy-to-use, effective tools that clean between teeth for a clean super fresh smile.

5 reasons to try interdental brushes...

1. Superior plaque removal: Interdentally speaking, interdental brushes have been shown to remove more plaque than traditional string floss and toothpicks. The tiny bristles ‘brush’ between the teeth to remove food particles and harmful bacteria for a cleaner mouth.

2. The perfect fit: Available in multiple sizes, interdental brushes are great for effectively cleaning small or wide gaps as well as food traps (where food regularly gets stuck).

3. Hygienically clean: GUM interdental brushes have antibacterial coated bristles to prevent the reintroduction of bacteria into your mouth.

4. Gentle to use: Interdental brushing can be easier and more comfortable than traditional flossing, especially for people who limited manual dexterity or mobility issues.

5. Recommended by dental professionals: The research speaks for itself. Interdental brushes are preferred by dental professionals because they are effectiveness and easy to use.  Patients are more compliant at using them regularly which leads to better oral health outcomes.


Intradermal brushes

Little Brush better than flossing?

It’s a matter of personal preference. Research indicates that interdental brushes can outperform flossing in terms of plaque removal and patient satisfaction. When an activity is easy to do, you’re more likely to do it daily, which leads to better oral hygiene and health.

People with orthodontic braces, bridges or implants often find interdental brushes are easier to use. And because interdental brushes have a greater cleaning surface than floss, they are ideal for anyone with wide gaps or food traps.

GUM is the right choice..

When it comes to interdental cleaning, not all tools are created equal. GUM, a trusted name in professional oral care, offers two champions: GUM Trav-ler and GUM Bi-Direction interdental brushes.

It’s often the little things that count. Reusable, flexible and designed for superior plaque removal, GUM interdental brushes are the only ones with antibacterial-coated bristles. Here are six ways that GUM’s Trav-ler and Bi-Direction brushes outshine the rest:

1. Better bristles: GUM Trav-ler’s tapered, triangular bristles are proven to remove up to 25% more plaque than regular bristles.
2. Hygiene: GUM Trav-ler and GUM Bi-Direction are the only interdentals with an antibacterial chlorhexidine coating on the bristles, preventing the reintroduction of harmful bacteria.
3. Flexibility: Accessing difficult-to-reach areas is easy thanks to the GUM Trav-ler’s flexible neck and GUM Bi-Direction’s unique head which bends 90 degrees.
4. Reusable: Say goodbye to single-use tools. GUM interdental brushes can be reused for up to a week. That’s six weeks of superior interdental cleaning in a single pack for convenience and value.
5. A perfect fit: With 10 sizes there’s a GUM interdental to fit almost every smile. Whether your gaps are small or spacious, GUM has the perfect fit for you.
6. Recommended by dental professionals: Dentists and oral hygienists around the world recommend – and use – GUM interdental brushes. They are trusted by oral care professionals who see the results and understand the importance of effective interdental cleaning.

GUM Trav-ler and Bi-Direction interdental brushes are available from Dis-Chem, Checkers, selected pharmacies and dental practices. Give them a go and discover the GUM difference.

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Little Brush, Big Difference