In these crazy times, many of us are still working from the comfort of our homes. With us now spending more hours in our homes, we should focus on embracing the flexibility of our spaces. For me at least, I cant help but think, how our spaces have changed so much! Kim Williams believes that creating different spaces to experience, will support mental and physical health. You can read more about Kim Williams here.

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Home Sanctuary Tips

Talented Kim Williams offers us tips on how to create your own home health sanctuary:

1. Convert your lesser-used areas into a shared wellness and exercise space. The space should be designed to create an environment that fosters both your physical and mental health. Both to retreat to and to exercise in.

2. Remember to create spaces that allow you to pause, meditate and recharge. As we seek to make our homes more functional for our changing needs, we must remember to section off spaces. Specifically dedicate to allow focus and to be grateful for our good health.

3. Be mindful of how you use technology in your wellness routine. Technology has evolved to include a wide array of useful health apps. From guided meditation to CrossFit instruction. After the pandemic, we will no doubt see technologies evolve and grow so that we won’t have to touch any devices or equipment, to further to assist us with exercising in our home environment.

4. Bring the outside in wherever you can. Studies have shown that being surrounded by even the smallest amount of nature has a positive impact on our psyche. A calming effect on our environment and a welcome addition to our oxygen supply. Certain plants can even filter odours which is very useful in a home gym. 

5. Reduce, reuse and recycle is not only good for the environment but your wallet too. Repurposing more of what you have is essentail! Looking for sustainable ways to improve your living environments will make sure you are following the latest design trends. A personal stamp to put into tour interior too!

6. Hand-crafted items are synonymous with high quality and there is tremendous satisfaction in crafting something from scratch. As we make more with our hands and become more mindful of the special opportunity for the sentimentality handcrafted items give us, we should expect to see crafts and hand-made products appearing more.

Kim Creates Her Own Wellness Space…

Images by Kim Williams
Images by Get Published/Kim Williams

In her new wellness space, Kim has walked the walk and worked with items she already had. A ladder makes for a stylish Scandinavian-inspired blanket holder and a scented candle engages your sense of smell, creating a spa-like atmosphere.

Plants from Kim’s garden dangle from the ceiling and peacefully sway in the breeze, adding height and dimension to the space. Old baskets make for quaint storage for towels.

Soft furnishings from other spaces in her home, such as cushions and an old picture from a past holiday home, finish off her space as if they had been made for it.

Spaces  Changed Forever…

How we look at our spaces has changed forever. The psychological impact of the Coronavirus on our lives has forced us to look at our homes very differently.

It has helped us pin down exactly what we want from our spaces. Our limited access to the outside world has inspired our creativity and pushed us towards a minimalist mindset in the most unlikely and pleasantly surprising ways.

Most of all, the COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us more appreciative and protective of our good health, and there is no better way to sustain it than to exercise both body and soul in the beautiful, personal, safe space of your home.

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