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So, if you have been following my Fayma Sewing Pattern Journey,  you are about to get the low-down and the making of the Luna skirt.

Fayma offers a huge range of patterns that are designed with YOUR measurements in mind so that you don’t need to adjust and make-do. A program, or rather an app that is easy to navigate,  that guides you every step of the way with your measurements. The fabulous team was kind enough to offer me and all of you 10% off their range of patterns by using code TLG10. This is an added 10% off the already 50% sale that’s going one right now.

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Who is Fayma?

Fayma is a brand that creates sewing patterns using your own unique measurements so that you can be sure that all of your clothing is going to fit like a glove. The company believes that it is unacceptable to try to standardise women, and emphasizes the uniqueness of femininity by treating every single user of their services as their own individual person – there is absolutely no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to Fayma.

Fayma Luna Skirt

Sending In My Measurements?

Using Fayma is super simple, and yet totally not what I was expecting! Usually, if you’re going to be giving measurements to a seamstress you would expect to be relying on a tape measure, but that isn’t how things work on this app, as the accuracy of the system relies on data that a tape measure cannot give you. Your measurements are not complete without you sending in two photos – which are erased immediately after your unique pattern is created to protect your privacy – which capture things like the curve of your back, or the angle of your shoulders, which a tape measure could never tell somebody. Fayma truly embraces those differences and leaves you feeling reassured that your clothes are going to fit you perfectly. 

Fayma Creating a Pattern

So How Do I Get Started?

It’s so easy! To use Fayma, follow these simple instructions:

How Do I Use My Measurements?

If you’re like me and aren’t quite as adept at sewing as you’d like to be, I would suggest being guided by someone who know their way around a sewing machine. The guidance of my MIL helped me tremendously during this process. If your totally not for sewing your own clothing the give your pattern to somebody who is able to make your clothing for you so that you still get the benefit of the Fayma app.

Instructions with Fayma


What Are The Patterns Like?

There is a stunning mix of patterns available on the site, from smart-casual to office wear, to lounge wear. The collection is ever-growing, so you can make sure your wardrobe is always looking fresh.

What I made:

Feast your eyes on the Luna Skirt! With the help of my MIL, we created this gorgeous skirt!

TLG Blog Fayma Skirt complete

Fayma Details

I feel like Fayma is going to take the DIY world by storm, as it’s a unique idea. With more people being homebodies, I cant help but think this will become a great new skill to pick up.

Absolutely loved every part of this process and will be keeping an eye out for another pattern to potentially sew!

Will you be trying Fayma?  Keen to try out a new skill? Would love to hear!

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