Skincare and Airless Pump Bottles =A Perfect Match!

Skincare and Airless Pump Bottles = A Perfect Match!

Airless pump bottles are slowly taking the cosmetic industry by storm. Customers like me and you, want their cosmetics and skincare products to look good and operate flawlessly, with less waste and more product to actually use what you purchased it for.

Skin Functional has introduced some of my favourite products in airless packing which gets me SUPER excited! Here’s why:

Its sustainable packaging

An airless pump bottle works by creating a vacuum as the user depresses the pump. The airless technology eliminates the need for plastic. That means airless pump bottles are more environmentally friendly than traditional pump bottles.

Beyond eliminating plastic, airless pump bottles are recyclable and don’t produce any CFC emissions. Green packaging is important.


Prevents double dipping

Many skincare products come in containers or jars with screw-on lids. That means in order to use the product, consumers have to keep dipping their fingers into it, which may lead to product contamination.

Airless pump bottles are a more hygienic alternative to jars or bottles. Further, airless pump technology dispenses the same portion size every time. Which means less wastage.

Prevents Oxidation

Oxidized skincare products can take on a yellow hue, which slowly takes away the potency of a product and its ingredients.

Airless technology is particularly important for sensitive products. Less stable products might oxidize if exposed to air too often. The isolation of an airless pump ensures that the quality of the product isn’t compromised.


Increases Shelf Life

Airless pump technology creates a sealed chamber with a vacuum. That means no chemical preservatives need to be added to the skincare products.

Once the bottle is full, the contents inside will maintain their integrity until it’s all used up. This creates a product that is safe, healthy, and in pure form.

Easy to use store

Airless pump bottles don’t need to be sitting upright to work. They will work in any position. That means they can be on their side, upside down, or right side up and the vacuum design will allow the product to dispense without any problems. Perfect for travelling!

Airless pump products we love from skin functional


SF 30ml Airless Liquid Moisturiser 670x670 2

Liquid Moisturiser

Ceramides make up 50% of the skin’s lipid content and therefore form a major part of the protective layer of the skin which can deplete with age, over exfoliation and environmental aggressions. This depletion of ceramides presents as dry, flaky, sensitive skin. 2% Ceramide + GABA replaces depleted ceramides in the skin for optimal barrier protection.

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Copper Tripeptide – Eye Cream

A light weight, silky eye cream formulated with a high concentration of peptides and ceramides to address fine lines and environmental damage.

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SF 15ml Eye Cream Copper Tripeptide
SF 30ml Airless EnzymeQ10Peptides 1200x1200 1

Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Ageing Boost

A powerful anti-oxidant and anti-ageing combination to repair damaged skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the skin.

Shop Co Enzyme Q10 + Peptides



Skincare and Airless Pump Bottles = A Perfect Match!

Airless Pumps are the way of the future, or rather the future of our skincare. This genius form of packaging has taken the industry by store and I really hope it stays. Nothing makes skincare more appealing by having packing that’s easy to use, zero waste of products and longevity of products. SF, I think you are onto something here and I for one, am super stoked about it!

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